Sanctus Real
Mark Graalman is the drummer and co-founding member of rock band Sanctus Real. He has been playing drums for nearly twenty years and has spent the last seven touring all over the U.S. and to various parts of the world playing on average 150 shows a year. Mark has not only been on every recording that Sanctus Real has done over it's twelve year existence but has also been featured on a hand full of independent recordings. He has worked with many of Christian music's top producers including Chris Stevens, Tedd T, Mark Townsend, Pete Stewart, Skidd Mills, Allen Salmon, Steve Wilson, etc. He is a Dove Award winning and Grammy nominated artist. Mark has performed in front of 2 people in a bookstore, headlined a concert in front of 120,000 people in a field and done everything in between. Last year Mark started teaching drums at his home in Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday evenings when he's not on the road. He has a real heart for encouraging young musicians who are wanting to use their talents to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ and is very excited that at Camp Electric he will get to do just that!