By: Camp Electric
  • September 22, 2016
Summer Music Camps: Will My Student Become A Better Musician For Attending?

No, your child will not be a better musician after attending one of the many summer music camps. However, your student would also not be a better basketball player the week after attending basketball camp. Yes they will spend the week involved in an environment customized to help their musical growth. Music is a lifelong journey and marked improvement takes time.

For instance, some of the technical skills they learn will require thousands of repetitions to become muscle memory. There's literally not enough hours in a day for them to master these new skills and techniques in one week.

However, like seeds planted in good soil, you will continue to see a harvest come in the weeks, months, and even years following their time at summer music camp. It's a fresh new take on learning, with major improvements in every area of the experience. Here are a few things that all summer music camps should incorporate.

Reputable Instructors should teach at Summer Music Camps

Every instructor at a summer music camp should be chosen not only for their skill level, and professional achievements, but for their reputation, and character.

The success that these musicians are experiencing in their careers is a by lots of hard work and dedication to their craft. These things often go hand in hand. It is always great to see an instructor who cares just as much about the students character as he does the student's capacity to hone or craft his particular instrument.

Whether a student is learning scales and techniques or being led in morning fun activities, they are constantly being taught fundamentals by instructors who truly care about them. Humility, dedication, and devotion should not just be concepts for musicians and leaders. They are the tenants and foundation upon which they build their lives. The instructors see this as an important extension of their gifting given them, and a time to pour into the lives of young students who will one day carry the torch by leading their generation into this musical profession.

Summer Music Camps: Will My Student Become A Better Musician For Attending?

The Environment should be safe

We recommend attending a summer music camp that is in a key music city like Nashville, New York or Los Angeles.  You can't help but be inspired while taking a songwriting class that's overlooking the Nashville skyline. Learning guitar from the recording artists who tracked your favorite songs, or even playing on stage alongside of your favorite band. Truly great summer music camps provide the perfect balance of inspiration and instruction.

Many summer music camps are held on college campuses. The staff typically is friendly and kind to most of the students, as they see camp as a great recruitment tool for their college music programs. They genuinely look forward to hosting this event and prepare for it all year. Everything from the healthy, well balanced meals to the perfectly manicured grounds add to the experience that campers come to know and love.

Take a walk through the courtyards on a college campus during a summer music camp week and you'll find yourself submerged in young talent. Music breaks out as kids come together to sing a spontaneous song and small groups of guitarists are trading riffs under every green tree.

So many great collaborations take place all over the campus, all day long. There is so much unity and diversity on display that a student can't help but be inspired to take his or her gift to the next level. This is peer pressure at its absolute best!

The Leadership at Summer Music Camps

Summer music camps should be founded on values that every parent can agree on, by people who are great parents themselves. Summer music camps should be a safe place for kids to grow in their gifts. The intention was to create an experience that will open up new realms of possibilities, and create a direct way for students to learn from their favorite artists.

Summer music camps can have so much success, with students becoming better musicians while deepening their relationships at the same time. Good, strong leadership is the key to reaching any goal. Camps should have teams in place to help accomplish great things in their students lives. This is done by continuing to develop and implement fresh ideas.  This takes the summer camp experience to a whole new level for aspiring musicians.

Summer Music Camps: Will My Student Become A Better Musician For Attending?

Group Sessions are a must

Developing everything from stage presence, to core values of musicianship and integrity should be important for a music camp. The group sessions open up new ways of thinking and encourage students to break free from common traps that even the most seasoned musicians can fall into.

For instance, Tom Jackson, a Camp Electric alumni, teaches transformative sessions. He does this by taking a group of young musicians and tearing down all of the walls of self-doubt and pride that keep them bound to mediocre performances. Tom takes the band, step by step, through a complete makeover right in front of other musical students. By the end of the week, the band has learned to be entertainers on stage. The end result is that everyone in attendance leaves with the tools that will completely revolutionize the way they interact with an audience.

Summer music camps should break down students into smaller, classroom sized groups. They also should let the students spend a few hours with professional session and touring musicians each day. This is where they learn the techniques that will make them better, more complete musicians. Not all summer music camps do this. You may want to inquire to make sure they are in the business of teaching vs babysitting:)

Students will learn everything from chords and scales to gear and etiquette. Students should get to study and interact with the musicians they hear on the radio. This has a huge impact on their playing and it has become the favorite part of many summer music camps, for many of the students. A lifetime worth of musicality is imparted in these daily sessions. This is a key component of what makes an excellent summer music camp experience.

Summer music camps have been totally reimagined. It's almost like it was based on a script for a popular teen movie. Ha! There's some serious win/wins going on here. Teenagers can head off to a Music City and learn from all of their musical heroes. Many instructors can be great role models. It's everything that breakfast cereals claim to be. However, unlike those empty calories parading as health foods, the right summer music camp delivers a creative safe environment, charged with positivity, fun and serious music education.

At Camp Electric we take pride in being one of the original faith based camps that gives each student the opportunity to interact with the pro’s, while at the same time providing a safe fun environment that parents can feel good about. Feel free to click the link below to see if there is still room available for next years Camp Electric. We’ll see you and your student there!

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