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  • October 9, 2016
Camp Jam Vs Camp Electric  - A Comparison Of Summer Music Camps

Not all summer music camps are the same. While there will be similarities, there are often many differences. So how do you find the one that best fits your needs? In the case of Camp Jam vs Camp Electric, we first want to look at the purpose of the camps. Is there common ground? What variations can we find?

The best summer camp for you and your family will be determined by your goals and preferences. There is no negative light here, only a look into the world of Camp Electric and Camp Jam.

The Purpose of Summer Music Camps

Let’s start with Camp Jam. The clear purpose center of Camp Jam is to start to finish: Form a band, give it a name, write a song, record that song, do a video to that song, perform that song live in front of an audience and go home with the finished product. In addition to this, you sit under the guidance of professionals in the field of music and learn from the pros.

Sound awesome right? It is indeed.

Now let’s talk the purpose of Camp Electric. Camp Electric is an interactive worship driven camp where kids can learn from and jam with their favorite Christian artists.

Yes, players and singers that are on the cutting edge of Christian rock music and the Worship industry actually teach in the classroom and hang with the kids. Professionals spending time with the young students. It’s a hands-on, fully interactive camp filled with opportunity for each kid.

That’s pretty awesome too right? For sure, so there’s the main DNA of each camp. Let’s talk more about the core values.

Camp Jam Vs Camp Electric  - A Comparison Of Summer Music Camps

What are the Core Values of Summer Music Camps?

With Camp Electric, it’s overtly clear that at the center of it’s purpose is the spiritual growth of the camper as well as the musical growth.

Camp Electric is a worship driven camp and there is a worship service each morning with a strong ministry emphasis. There’s a wonderful campus pastor interacting daily with the kids. The spiritual climate is very potent and prayer is very common on campus. Instructors are sensitive to the spiritual needs of the campers and knowing and serving Christ has preeminence over the music itself.

Camp Jam is clearly a music industry-driven camp focused on helping each camper learn the ropes and empower them to be the best that they can be musically today.

Musical excellence is the tone center of Camp Jam. That’s not to say you won’t hear a worship song or someone praying, but it’s a general music camp and there are all kinds of instructors with all kinds of spiritual backgrounds teaching and mentoring the students.

It’s very clear that both camps are about excellence and have a proven track record. It’s really about your preference.

Instructors at Camp Jam vs Camp Electric?

This is where the rubber meets the road. At Camp Electric, you will sit in the classroom with musicians currently performing with TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Gungor, Kutless, Pillar, Phil Keaggy, Michael W. Smith and many more.

There is a huge list of instructors, many of which you will recognize. You will attend nightly concert performances by the top bands and artists in the Christian music industry. You are also likely to have guest appearances and performances from almost any of the greats like Phil Keaggy or Michael W. Smith.

Camp Electric is up front about the professionals they bring to the table and it’s pretty awesome.

Camp Jam, on the other hand, advertises that you can expect to learn from the pros with daily seminars,workshops, guest speakers and an all-star staff. You won’t, however, find a list of names of its professional instructors on the website. Both camps are highly successful and you can expect the best at any rate. These camps are the real thing.

Camp Jam Vs Camp Electric: Locations? 

Camp Jam is a traveling camp committed to a tour of several cities so as to come as close as possible to you. There is a list of participating cities on their website that includes Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. among others.

The fact that Camp Jam brings the party closer to you is certainly a plus. Summer camps usually involve travel of some sort, so it’s an advantage that these guys try to meet you halfway.

Camp Electric is based in Music City,Nashville, TN. The summer music camp is held on the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University.

Because so many of the top Christian music industry folks live in Nashville, it’s a prime location. The city has a strong heritage rooted in music of several genres, so it makes sense to have the camp located here.

While this is home base for Camp Electric, there have been satellite locations in Cedarville, OH and Tampa, FL in the past. It may not be as mobile as Camp Jam, but there’s a possibility of them bringing things a little closer to your home.

These two music camps, Camp Jam vs Camp Electric, are in it to reach your young musician and inspire them to be the best they can be.

Camp Jam Vs Camp Electric  - A Comparison Of Summer Music Camps

What are the Costs of These Summer Music Camps?

Camp Electric’s price tag sits at $699 for one child, but there are early bird specials, group rates, and sibling discounts that you can apply to your overall cost. You may even qualify for an installment plan that only requires a deposit of $99 to start.

The best way to qualify for these discounts is to inquire early, especially if you want that early bird discount. (Simple enough, right?)

Camp Electric offers some transparency by allowing you to see these prices up front, as well as being able to receive free information by providing minimal personal info.

Camp Jam’s website does a great job promoting the camp, but you have to fill out a rather detailed registration form to be able to see the prices. This form includes important things like skill level, what kind of music you play, and who your favorite bands are, but it may come across a little tiresome for anyone seeking basic information.

Both of these, Camp Jam vs Camp Electric, are well worth the money and have a tremendous amount to offer. It’s up to you, as the parents/consumers, to figure out which option will work for you.

Again, the purpose here is not to shed any negative light. Any camp that offers what these two summer music camps offer is a camp worth attending. There are obvious pros and cons based on your desires and dreams. The spiritual emphasis vs.the industry-only emphasis might be a deal breaker for some. But, I believe you’ll be amazed at what you can learn and experience from either camp.

So, Camp Jam vs Camp Electric? Either will make a noticeable mark on your music path. As a smart consumer, you’ll figure out which summer music camp is right for your family. If you would like to learn more about Camp Electric, click on the link below to find out more information.

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